International missionary advocate personnel

Partnering Vision with Resources for World Evangelism.


The second largest and second most-populous.


The region comprising the western part of Europe.

South America

The fourth largest and fifth most populous.

Partnering Vision with Resources for World Evangelism


The largest and most populous continent.

Eastern Europe

Defined as the formerly communist European states.

North America

The third largest and fourth most populous.

iMap Mission Statement

The name iMap is an acronym for International Missionary Advocate Personnel. The mission of iMap is to be an advocate (stand in) for missionaries and missionary work around the world by identifying and developing resources in the U.S.A. and abroad, for the missionaries and their special ministry needs. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

Fund Raising

Fund raising for ministry projects such as church buildings/facilities, school buildings/facilities, transportation, and orphanages.

Bible Education

Development of offsite online Bible education through internet access.

Teams of Workers

Arranging for teams of workers from churches to do short term mission work.


Ken Liles
Displaced Peoples in the Middle East

Dear Friends and Fellow-workers, 

What a treasure to have Bob Hines as a friend and co-laborer in the Lord’s work. He has greatly helped us several times with projects for our ministry to Displaced People in the Middle East. 

Bob does amazing things to help churches and missionaries. His skills and contacts will enable you or your church do great things.

Larry Taylor
Missionary in Belgium

First of all I love what Bob Hines does for the missionaries round the world. He saves us money in that he contacts our pastoral list. for us. This saves us telephone bills and or travel rime and expenses . He provides a service that helps missionaries stay on the field. Before Bob came on the scene I spent months trying to raise funds for projects and special needs. Bob is also concerned about the ministry in our country. 

Secondly, I have led our church in supporting IMAP monthly. The members of our congregation have seen the part they can play in worldwide missions. By supporting IMAP we can participate in the ministries of people, we would normally never know or meet. 

Thirdly, I have known Bob for right at 45 Years, He is a personal friend that I pray for daily. The left turn that his personal life has taken, has in no way disqualified him for the Lord’s service. We continue to pray for a resolution to this situation. 

Fourthly, as a member of his board, I still highly recommend this ministry. It is a worthwhile tool for me and my church in Belgium.

Randy Roberts
Missionary to Costa Rica

Just a short note to share with you a vision that has been given to me from a true visionary. 

Bro. Bob Hines from Boise ID has been down with us for the last week preaching our 10th Anniversary at Iglesia Bautista Berea. While he was here, he shared with Sandy and me a new ministry that he has started through his church, called “iMap“. “International Missionary Advocate Personnel” 

For many years I have heard it discussed that we needed a different way of financing our ministries, but while everyone said, “what we are doing is not working or at the least it is not a good use of personnel, time and money”, no one has come up with anything new. Well Bro. Hines and his wife Judi have! 

They have started a ministry out of Broadway Avenue Baptist Church in Boise that Pastors and people in the Corporate World can get behind. In the next few months many of you will being hearing more about “iMap”. Hopefully Bro. Hines will be given some time at the next National Fellowship Meeting to share his vision and passion with the Pastors at that time. 

Bro. Hines and Judi have already had a great impact on many Missionaries in Europe and Africa, helping to finance vehicles, needed projects and even helping Missionaries come together to work in new and exciting ministries. Some of these Missionaries had not been able work together for years. 

He has spent the last week with me, and I am excited about what he wants to do. If you get a chance, have Bro. Hines share with you this new vision. If you are a Missionary, invite him to be with you. He will be an encouragement to you and a challenge to you and your people.

Bruce O'Neal
President/CEO, MANNA Worldwide

I have known Bob Hines for many years. He has founded an organization that tirelessly strives to help the less fortunate. What I appreciate about Bob and iMap is their passion for service and the commitment to excellence in their work.

If you are looking for an organization to trust, you have come to the right place. 

Greg Lyons
Missionary Manila, Philippines

Thank you Bob Hines and iMap for your ongoing help with the Rizal Project! The benefit of having an advocate representing vital ministry projects is enormous.

Not only has iMap assisted in tangible fund raising efforts, but also in encouragement and motivation to expand our ministry in critical areas! I look forward to a continued partnering to accelerate the spread of the Gospel!

Dr. Leland R. Kennedy
Chancellor of Baptist Bible College, Springfield MO

I am happy to endorse Rev. Bob Hines and the Ministry of IMAP. I have known Bob Hines for many years and have witnessed his success of church planting and development. The work he has accomplished in Boise, Idaho is phenomenal. 

Most recently I had the privilege of seeing his missionary vision and heart as he carried out his responsibility as Field Representative for the BBFI in Belgium and Holland. 

I am convinced that his vision and love for missions will be successful in the Ministry of IMAP. The motivation that has caused him to devote his life to such a cause is his desire to help missionaries to be successful.

Jack Baskin

I have observed the very successful ministry of Pastor Bob Hines in one of the difficult areas of the United States. He has built one of the strongest churches in the North west and has an outstanding mission program. His desire is to help churches and pastors in building strong stewardship and mission programs. He has prepared material for those programs along with very good deferred giving information.

He is involved in Eastern Europe developing mission programs and Bible College lessons for the internet. I believe that God will use him mightily as he assist churches world wide.

Missionary Testimonials

Virgil Vice
Missionary to Kenya

Thank you for sharing our vision of training Kenyan men and preparing them for the ministry. The water collection system in which you, through iMap, raised the money for is a much needed addition to our campus in Kisumu. Now we will be able to better accommodate more students in our Bible Institute and in our training seminars.

I appreciate what you have done through iMap so much. You have literally saved me time and money, as well as providing great encouragement, by raising the funds for this water collection project. If I had to raise these funds by myself, it would have meant several weeks on the road in America away from my family, visiting churches to present this project. That would have meant that I would have to be away from the

ministry here in Kenya, and the loss of momentum that has been building, would have been difficult to recover. Additionally the costs of traveling back to the States and then around to the Churches would have been at least $5000. That would have been an additional expense just to raise the funds for this project.

iMap saved us at least that much money, plus the time and trouble that traveling to the churches would have cost us. You cannot believe what a help and encouragement iMap has been to us! You have enabled us to continue doing what God called us to Kenya to accomplish. Through the Church and now through iMap, you truly have been a partner in this ministry with us. iMap is a marvelous idea and really is a great help to missionaries on the field.

We are grateful to you for all that you and Judi have done to help and encourage us. We pray that God will help you to raise up iMap and do even more to advance the Kingdom of Christ.

Greg Lyons
Missionary Manila, Philippines

Thank you Bob Hines and iMap for your ongoing help with the Rizal Project! 

The benefit of having an advocate representing vital ministry projects is enormous. Not only has iMap assisted in tangible fund raising efforts, but also in encouragement and motivation to expand our ministry in critical areas! 

I look forward to a continued partnering to accelerate the spread of the Gospel!

Rev. Steve Bender
Baptist Bible Fellowship International

As a missionary who was supported by Broadway Avenue Baptist Church; through the years I have found Pastor Bob Hines to be a Godly man of great character and integrity with a genuine love and desire to reach people all over the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

As Associate Mission Director of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International I find it natural for God to move upon Bob’s heart to found and lead iMap, an innovative ministry to assist missionaries in raising funds to fulfill their work on the mission fields of our world. 

There is no doubt God is using Bob and iMap as a timely tool in this generation to spread the gospel.

Larry Taylor
Missionary to Belgium

My new car is sitting in my driveway. It is a dandy of a car. It is a diesel car which means my gas expenses will be cut in half as well as my maintenance expense will be less also.

I had never thought to drive a new car. New cars are expensive and the initial cost was beyond what I could do alone. This all happened because of Pastor Bob Hines and iMap.

I am grateful for the help in raising the funds and for the relief and freedom that Pastor Hines and iMap brought to my last furlough. It meant I was free to be a representative of Belgium and to lay the burden of Belgium on the hearts of people without having to plead for money.

Thank you for the help and the support. Few people realize the help or the aid that iMap and Pastor Hines was able to give.