Ichuga Bible Baptist

Kenya, Africa

Jerry & Sherry Daniels

Missionaries to Kenya, Africa

$4,720.00 to finish paying for the land

The Ichuga Bible Baptist Church has been started in Nanyuki, Kenya as a church plant from the Mt. Kenya Baptist Church, part of the ministry of Jerry and Sherry Daniels. Onesmus Kibera is the pastor of the Mt. Kenya Baptist Church. Jerry and Sherry have been missionaries in Kenya for 40 years. They currently have 52 churches, a Bible college, 3 schools, 3 feeding centers, and 2 orphanages. The church plant at Ichuga will be their 53 church.

Pastor Wilson is the pastor of the Ichuga Bible Baptist Church. Pastor Wilson is a teacher at Mt. Kenya Baptist Bible College where pastor JM Daniels is the Principal, Pastor Kibera also teaches at the College.

The Mt. Kenya Baptist Church gave special funds of Ksh. 400,000 (USD 5,155) to help raise the funds for this 1.5 acres of land. In June 2010 the MKBC joined with IBBC in a fund raiser and got Ksh. 486,000 (USD 6037). We settled with the seller Ksh. 1,000,000 (USD 12,422) by the end of June 2010. The MKBC is passionate about seeing this church on the other side of town thrive.

Since the 2004 IBBC members have been meeting in a class at pastor Wilson’s property- a private primary school. In the beginning, the school didn’t have many borders and therefore, the class was very convenient for the church. God has blessed the school with good growth and the borders are now ranging from 75 -80. The church has also grown in number because, they started with 23 adults and now they have registered up to 38. When all the members are present plus their families together with the school borders for a normal Sunday service, there is no place to put a chair to sit on.

Due to this, the pastor and the members started praying for a piece of land. This year, early in January, God opened the door. They were able to get 1- 1/2 acres of land in that area. It is 1 km from Central Business center of the town. This land cost Ksh.1.5 million. The balance owed to the seller is Ksh 500,000 (USD 6,211) which is due by end November 2010. The IBBC did a mini-fund raiser in October, realized Ksh. 200,000 (USD 2,484). They have exhausted all of their personal fund raising ability.

Presently IBBC needs about Ksh 380,000(USD $4,720.00) to finish paying for the land.

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