Jerry Daniels

Kenya, Africa

Jerry Daniels

Missionary to Kenya, Africa

Need: $150,000 – 200,000 to establish Regional Ministry Centers

The missions method of “being Christ” by meeting needs, in order to to earn the right to present Christ as a personal saviour, is an approach to evangelism and church planting that Jerry and Sherry Daniels have used very successfully in southern and central Kenya.

They have started over 50 churches, trained hundreds of young Kenyans, have multiple feeding centers and orphanages, and have sponsored many medical teams into the country to help their people. These facilities are called Regional Ministry Centers (RMC).

They would now like to expand this concept into Northern Kenya. This part of the country is virtually unevangelized and has been primarily populated by Muslims. By starting Regional Ministry Centers in five strategically located towns, Wajir, ElWak, Moyale, Lodwar, and Marsabit, we can eventually plant multiple churches in this region. {Stragey Map}.

By ministering to the social, educational, and spiritual needs of these communities, we can then move into the areas of Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Somalia. The social ministries will work with refugees from these countries, and when they are able to move back into their countries, we can begin churches and RMC’s in their home areas.

An RMC contains an orphanage, feeding center, school, medical clinic, and other social ministries that address the physical, social, educational, and spiritual needs of a region. This approach has been used successfully in hostile areas where the gospel has been unable to penetrate the culture. An example of this is in Isiolo, Kenya. Isiolo is the most concentrated Muslim populated city in Kenya. The largest Mosque in Kenya is located in Isiolo.

The Mwaniki’s have a ministry to the people of Isiolo that includes a church, orphanage, feeding center, substance and addiction abuse counseling, AIDS, STD, and FGM counseling, and a Bible Institute. All of these ministries have been facilitated by Pastor Mwaniki and the people of his church. They currently house many orphans in a small building on their property, but would like to expand this.

The need for help for the children of Isiolo is great. They also have a feeding center that is currently feeding 50 hungry children each day and 100 per day on the weekends. The center is facilitated and run completely by the church members.

All of the work done through this center is done in the name of Christ and is used as a means to get the gospel to as many people as possible. The work of the Mwaniki’s has been greatly expanded because of the facility they have been able to move into.

The Kenyan government has been given a 10 acre plot of land at Naibor, Kenya, to Jerry Daniels in which to establish a new RMC. The site plan calls for buildings that will house a caretaker, orphanage, dorms, kitchen and dining hall, a primary school, and clinic. All buildings will be built in the style of the area to fit in ergonomically with the community.

The vision is to establish this work with John Chir Chir, a pastor that has been trained by Jerry’s ministry and that currently has church in Naibor and has an orphanage of 17 children.

The opportunity for the RMC in northern Kenya is great. We believe we can see many people won to Christ and many church started in an area where no churches exist today.

Your help is needed to see this project completed. Each center will cost between $150,000.00 and $200,000.00 to build and will take an estimated $40,000.00 – $60,000 per year to operate. When the school is completed, it has the potential of generating at least half of the operational funds for each center.

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