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Urgent Need: $1,600/month

Hope for the Future Primary School

Dear partners in the ministry,

As you know, God has blessed Hope for the Future with an amazing ministry in Malawi, allowing us to do children’s ministry, church planting, pastor’s conferences, Bible training, care for widows, feed the orphans and educate children.

Since 2016, the Lord blessed us with a wonderful partnership with a church in OK, Ridgecrest Baptist Church, and this partnership resulted in a Primary School in Kachere. We currently have 800 children in the system and we teach them many things including how to read which, in turn, allows them to be able to read the Bible and come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. Education is truly of great worth.

Last year, our partnering church told us that it could be possible that their funding would not be able to continue. By God’s provision it has lasted for another year, but now it is coming closer to an end.

Not long ago, I asked people to sponsor a child in school for $36/year. Some people, thankfully, responded. We raised 35% of what was needed. By faith we went ahead and started the School Year but, unless we meet this urgent need, we will have to turn over the school to the Malawian Government. This would be a final and permanent move with unimaginable outcome.

Our need is $1,600/month. This could be met if only 32 people gave $50/month or 16 people gave $100/month.

You may be asking why we don’t use other funds given to Hope for the Future for this urgent need? The funds given are mostly already designated and are used exactly for the purpose they are given for.

We feed 173 orphans every single day. We sponsor 40 churches as well as church plants. We bring, feed and teach 16 young people at our Bible Training Center while making sure their families back home don’t lack their necessities. We lead Bible clubs and organize Evangelistic Camps, Pastors Conferences and so on.

We also have a staff of wonderful Malawians working with us, the missionaries on the field. All funds are committed.


6 years ago iMap was able to start and fund a feeding center in Kachere, Malawi with Ovi Cornea, missionary, through the funding by Chuck and Lynette Hampton. That feeding center is now feeding over 100 kids per day. There is an old adage, however, that says “If you give a man a fish, he will eat for the day, if you teach him how to fish, he will eat for a lifetime”.

The feeding center has become part of the Manna Worldwide family of centers and has had tremendous success. However, the children were not being educated, “learning how to fish” and there was a tremendous need. It is Manna Worldwide’s vision to provide a complete solution to the need that poverty creates.

A school was started for these children, that now has over 650 students in grades 1-6 (see pictures) . All was going well until the school lost it’s funding and now faces closure unless we can raise the funds needed to keep the doors open. The sponsoring church is going to try to help, but needs some assistance. That is where iMap and it’s partners come in.

I would like to raise the remaining amount to keep the doors open for a year. iMap needs to raise $21,600.00 for the year. Please watch the video and look at these pictures to get a vision for what can be accomplished. I am not asking you to meet a need, I am asking you to invest in a future for these kids.

Malawi, Africa Ministry

Women are being taught the Bible at the same time as the men. The women have a ministry of outreach and are such an integral part of their community that they need to learn the Bible and counseling ministries.

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Bob Hines

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