Ovi Cornea

Malawi, Africa

Ovi Cornea

Missionaries to Malawi, Africa

Need: $20,000

The ministry in Malawi reached a point where the current 4×4 we have can no longer fulfill our needs, that is why we have started to pray and ask you to help us purchase another truck. Our current Nissan is 14 years old, all 14 of them being driven on African roads. One of its biggest problems is the lack of room not only for the family, but also for the team that travels with us when we go to the villages or to church. As of now, Stanley and his family have to ride all the way in the back of the truck, and the back seat is not spacious enough for an adult.

The second reason we want to change the truck is so that Stanley can get the one we have now. In his work at the Primary School in Kachere, Stanley will need to travel at least 3-4 times/week. It makes sense for him to be independent enough so he can be efficient. I would love to be able to keep our current car “in the family”, but if I need to sell it, I will.

The truck the ministry needs is a Toyota Land Cruiser, 10 seater, 4×4. It will be spacious enough for the two families, strong enough to take the African roads, and equipped to serve us on the field for years to come.

The estimated cost of a Land Cruiser in Malawi is $20,000. That is a pre-owned, with at least 60,000 miles on it, around 5 years old. Due to taxes and high import duty, a brand new one can be bought at $85,000.

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Thank you,
Bob Hines

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