Saada Williams

South Sudan

Saada Williams

Missionary to South Sudan

Need: $45,000 for a house

One of the great joys in ministry is seeing a person that you have reached reach another person that surrenders to the ministry and then see that person fulfill their dream of representing Christ. We call that a “second” generation missionary.

That is the case of our work with Saada Williams. She is a second generation missionary that has had the dream of working in South Sudan since her salvation under Virgil Vice in Kenya, Africa. She is now working with Jim Eberhard and Ron Enoch in South Sudan and has proven herself in every responsibility that she has undertaken. She has surrendered to be a long term missionary in Ron’s ministry and has had the full support of Ron Enoch and Richard Eberhard.

iMap has come along side them and would like to help them raise the funds for Saada to have a house on the compound that the Enoch’s have been given. She has simple tastes and would like to do the same thing the Enoch’s have done, build a container house.

She has taken full responsibility of the ministry while the Enoch’s have traveled to the States on furlough and has done a great job.

One of the requirements that Ron Enoch has had is that he build a school for the town on the property that he was given by the town (See pictures on this page). iMap has partnered with him and now the school project is completed the additional funds will be put toward Saada’s house.

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Thank you,
Bob Hines

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