Manyatta Project

Kenya, Africa

Virgil and Marilyn Vice

Missionaries to Kenya, Africa

Need: $85,500

Land for a New Church
(Here is Virgil’s report)
This weekend we did an outreach to Nyalenda. About 20 people from Kisumu Baptist (Manyatta) came over and helped. We had 5 teams go out soul winning starting at 10:30 AM. At 1:00 PM they came to our house for a hot dog feed and then went back out soul winning until the evening meal before the film. 

We setup in the little area in front of the church/storefront. (Do you remember the building you spoke in when you were here with Judi and Norm? They are meeting there again but only using half of that space!) We ended up having more than 500 people come. 14 cars passed through while we were showing the film and they literally had to pass through a sea of people each time. (It wasn’t the best location to show the film and it wasn’t my choice!) 

In spite of my generator developing some mechanical problems (we quickly ran a long extension cord and borrowed power from a neighbor) interruptions from the passing vehicles and a few rowdy guys who passed by, we still had 58 people make a profession of faith in Christ! Even better were the results of the door-to-door visitation! 

Our team from Manyatta said that the people in Nyalenda were much easier to reach than people in Manyatta. They were able to lead 70 people to faith in Christ throughout the day! 128 made professions of faith in Christ. This is the place for the property. 

Land for a New Church: $5,000.00 

Water Collection System
Virgil has a church/school complex in Kisumu called Manyatta that is an excellent facility for his Bible Institute and large church and ministry gatherings; however, there is no water onsite. He cannot get permission to drill a well because the city fathers issue the permits to their own companies, and then sell the water. The city water system is only partially functional, and Manyatta is in the part that doesn’t function.

Virgil would like to build a water collection system for the complex that consists of roof drains that collect in collection tanks for storage. He can put in a system that will collect enough water for cleaning, cooking, and washing. This will greatly enhance his ability to bring the pastors of the 29 churches that he is working with, in for extended training.

Water Collection System: $8,500.00

Land Rover
Virgil has bought a Toyota Land Rover and needs an additional $5,000.00 to pay it off. 

Land Rover: $5,000.00

Manyatta Project Total Need: $18,500

Project Results
iMap was successful in raising a total of $23,500.00 for this project.
Praise the Lord!

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