Gary Phillips


Gary Phillips

Missionaries to the Philippines

Need: Pay back a series of loans

The work that is being done in the Philippines is phenomenal. Thousands of souls are being saved and young people from the Philippines are being trained and sent out all over the world.

The ministry that God has given Gary and Jeanie Phillips is being used mightily in His work in the city of Metro Manila. Their ministries include church planting, Youth Camp, Youth JAM (Jesus and Me) outreach, Bible College, and Manna feeding centers. All of these works are part of the greater vision that Gary has for the Philippines.

The work that they are doing, and the vision that Gary has for this city, has created a need for a facility that will give them the opportunity to do more in reaching and training Philippine people. This facility was found and purchased in 2003. The following is Gary’s description from his web site ( of the facility and the need:

In 2001, we were asked to take a handful of people, meeting in the hallway of a school. Starting out with 20 people, Faith Baptist has since grown to an average attendance of 285. We now have our own facility.

In 2003, we bought a large house near the school where we were meeting. This building has been a great blessing by enabling us to reach out into the community even more with various outreaches.

In cooperation with other missionaries and national pastors, 1 of the 2 campuses for BCL is located at Faith Baptist. This ministry allows us to teach basic Bible knowledge and train national leaders for the work of the ministry. The students attend through scholarships but at present we are subsidizing the cost of text books and materials.

The pictures that are included in this web page show the ministry and growth of this missionaries work. The expansion of this ministry has been financed through a series of loans from the BBFI fund and now needs to be paid back so that the ministry can continue to grow and go forward. This is where we need your help. iMap and Gary have partnered together to help raise this money. Every cent raised goes directly to this project.

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