Greg Lyons

Bangkok, Thailand

Greg Lyons

Missionary to Bangkok, Thailand

Need: $21,600

God has connected Global Surge to a group of Christian Thai businessmen who have built professional level sports facilities throughout Bangkok Thailand. Each of the facilities has a “Worship Room” where a church will be planted. Each facility is in the middle of a population base of over 300,000 people with virtually no Christian presence of any kind. In one case, the Sports Center is located in a population base of 500,000 within a mile radius of the facility.

There are 3 mosques and a number of Buddhist temples, but no Christian presence at all. What a great opportunity. Global Surge is engaging a team of missionaries, western and non-western missionaries. A multi-national force for the Gospel. Some team members are already on site. The remaining team will be on the field in a few months.

The Christian population of Bangkok is at 0.27%. This means that there are less than 50,000 Christians in a city of 9 million people. God has a harvest here! We need partners who will provide financial resources for each church, teams that will come over and partner for sports and community evangelistic events.

We will launch English schools, seminars, and community events to draw people to hear the story of Jesus Christ. God in His sovereign will has already provided the facilities, God surely has a harvest to reach.

How you can partner:
Empower a church plant with an annual $6,000 gift!
Empower a Non-Western Missionary with support at

Help put a team together and come over to serve!
Invite one of our Thai Team Missionaries to be at your Missions Emphasis time!

If you would like to have a part in this project, click the contact button below.

Thank you,
Bob Hines

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