Thailand Missionaries

Planting 5 Churches

Thailand Missionaries

Planting 5 Churches

Need: $900 per missionary

Churches that iMap has been in contact with have funded the planting of 5 churches in Thailand.  This is a great blessing and I am proud of the footprint we have in Asia.

Greg Lyons, of Global Surge, (if you haven’t followed his ministry you can at  has made the contacts, reached and trained eleven (11) missionaries that make up the church planting team, and is going sending them to Bangkok, Thailand, at no expense to the missionary.

Many of them are going to quit good-paying jobs in order to do the Lord’s work in Thailand.  Here is where we can help!!

Each of the missionaries needs a visa and a round trip ticket to Thailand from Manila.  The cost is as follows:

Visa                              $400.00
Transportation            $500.00
Total per missionary   $900.00

We all can pray that these missionaries are able to reach a myriad of people and plant many churches in Thailand.


If you can help, then please let me know of the amount, anything will help, then send the money to the following addresses marked for Greg Lyons or Global Surge, Thailand Missionaries:

720 E Kearney St
Springfield, MO 65803


Central Missions Clearinghouse
2855 Greenhouse Rd.
Houston, TX 77084