Rica Gonciulea


Rica and Kathy Gonciulea

Missionaries to Romania

Need: $100,000

Rica and Kathy Gonciulea are missionaries to Romania with an amazing testimony. They are Romanian nationals that came to the U.S. when Romania was still a communist state. After the curtain fell, they went back to Romania as missionaries with the BBFI. They have an extensive ministry in Severin including churches, orphanage, feeding centers, etc. This is the latest of their church plants and is worthy of consideration for your church as a special project.

Attached are some pictures of the new church building that they are building in Severin. They have had the church in their home for 6 years and need a building badly. The house is no longer large enough because the church is growing rapidly. When they move into the new building the attendance will explode. The church is growing and they now reaching professional people such as a Dr., veterinarian, businessman, riverboat captain, and dental technician who are members. I think when they move into the new building the attendance will explode.

They took an offering for the building in the Rogova and Severin churches and raised over $12,000! Considering many are unemployed and the average monthly wage is $300 that is an extremely sacrificial offering. They have raised some money from a few U.S. churches and have the foundation, walls, roof and electrical done. They want to get the windows, doors, walls, floors, etc finished in auditorium and bathrooms as soon as possible. They will work on rest of building after getting in.

This building is amazing and there is no church in this town of 150,000 that even comes close to it. The visibility and location couldn’t be better. It will cost them about $100,000 to do the above work so the church can move into the building before winter. Jerry Abbott, missionary with Manna Worldwide, is doing all he can to help them. Any efforts on your part will be surely appreciated!

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Thank you,
Bob Hines

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