Smile House Well Project

Kiev, Ukraine

MANNA Worldwide

Kiev, Ukraine

Need: $15,000

I. Organization
MANNA Worldwide
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Fort Worth, TX 76123
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Contact Person:
Jerry Abbott
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II. Project Information
Name of proposal: Water well for Smile House Project
Location of proposal: Gorbovichi, Ukraine (outside Kiev)
Time frame of proposal: There is immediate need to drill water well as soon as possible.
Amount requested: $15,000 will drill a water well, install the casing, submersible pump, connect water line to the facility, filtration system, provide storage and compression tanks.
Description of proposal: Drilling a water well and connecting it to the facility will provide fresh clean water for a planned transition home (Smile House) that will house up to 25 orphan girls and house parents in phase one and when all phases are completed, ultimately 100 girls. The construction of this facility is about 55% completed.

III. Project Summary
1. What do you hope to accomplish in this proposal?
Obtain funding to underwrite the cost of drilling and connecting a water well to the Smile House transition home for orphans.

2. What need or opportunity is addressed by your proposal?
MANNA is building a transition home for children after they “age out” of state orphanages. Annually there are thousands of these children released with no place to live, no means of support, and no adult to care for them. The first phase of Smile House transition home will accommodate 25 children along with house parents and staff. Future plans will include additional facilities for up to 100 children, living in family units of no more than 8 children.

There is currently no water available at the facility. A grant from Samaritan’s Purse will enable us to drill a water well onsite. This will greatly facilitate the construction work in progress and provide an adequate supply of clean water for all phases of the transition home for these castaway children.

3. What are the expected measurable outcomes of this project?
Provide quantitative and qualitative measures in addition to the spiritual element.

Smile House, when the first phase is fully operational, will be able to house up to 25 girls plus house parents and staff. This will be a four year program for the children to enable them to develop in the following ways:

Education– All children will be assisted with extensive tutoring to bring them up to public education levels. Individual assessment will enable each child to make an informed choice of whether to pursue college or vocational training. Equipping each child with a skill or academic training will, one day, enable them to obtain gainful employment.

Practical training– The children will live in a family environment and be encouraged to develop basic skills for household duties and also have opportunity to learn the dynamics of Christ-centered family life.

Emotional wellness– Every effort will be made to assist each child to develop healthy emotional attitudes and a positive outlook on life. Qualified Christian counselors will be available for children who may need special help in dealing with damaged emotions caused by past abuse.

Spiritual growth– Each child will be given opportunity to hear the Gospel and respond as the Holy Spirit leads them to understand the love God has for them. Every opportunity will be made for the children to grow spiritually at their own interest and pace.

Independent living– The ultimate goal for each child is enabling them to develop their God-given gifts and abilities so they may use them to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for their lives. We hope to model and teach a real dependence on God so they may be able to live an independent life.

5. What type of funding are you seeking?
A one-time offering for the strategic need of drilling a water well for the Smile House transition home.

6. How much money do you already have committed and from whom?
For the water well project we have no funds committed at this time.

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Thank you,
Bob Hines

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