Contreras Family

Gijón, Spain

The Contreras Family

Missionary to Spain

Need: New Van

We are currently serving our second term in Spain, going on 7 years. Our present work is actually the third work in which we have been involved. During our first term God gave us the privilege of working alongside two veteran pastor/missionaries in Mataró and in Oviedo, and seeing their churches further get established. Collaborating in preaching, evangelism, and in discipleship, we saw 10 people make a profession of faith, and saw many of the believers grow in the Lord.

We are currently in the initial steps of planting an independent Baptist church in Gijón, Spain (appr. 280,000 souls). Half of the city has been covered with tracts, and we have had a number of visits as a result of various activities in which we have been involved. Our prayer is that people will be saved and serve the Lord in the local church.

Our need – a new van
When we arrived in Spain in 2000, we bought a 1994 Nissan van. It served not only to transport our family of 5, but also to take people to various weekly church ministries, take people and luggage to camps, transport construction materials, and transport guests who visit and collaborate in the ministry. The van now has approximately 220,000 km and in the past year we have spent $2000 for various repairs.

We are praying that the Lord will provide a newer van with which we can continue transportation for church ministries, camps, visitors, and supplies.

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Thank you,
Bob Hines

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