Dennis Leavell


Dennis Leavell

Missionary to Belgium

Need: $26,000 Volkswagen diesel van

Winning people and building churches has a different approach in every part of the world. In Europe, for example, many of our missionaries depend upon their transportation to help bring people to church. With gasoline averaging over $6.00 per gallon and insurance and taxes running $1,500.00 per year, it is very important that our missionaries make the best use of their transportation dollars they have available. An unreliable vehicle can hinder and even limit the effectiveness of a missionary’s ministry in Western Europe.

Please read the following excerpt from Dennis about his ministry and the opportunity we have to share in his vision:

“There are approx. 150,000 people in our city of Brugge (which is on the Belgian side of the border). There are 29 churches, 28 of which are Catholic. Up until 1963 the local priests told the people that if they owned or read a Bible they would literally go insane. The leading cause of death in Belgium is suicide.”

“We are the senior missionaries in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium (which is what the majority of what the country speaks). For the first 4 1/2 years we held a Bible study in our home. As we began to outgrow our living room, the Lord opened the door to rent an abandoned Chrysler dealership. We are averaging 40 in attendance each week.”

“Last year we reached our goal of making contact with every home in Brugge, leaving a brochure about our church and inviting them to come and visit. We also put our website address on it and over a 2 month period we had over 25,000 hits. This year’s Evangelization project consists of an interactive DVD which will take you step by step down the Romans Road.”

“We hope to plant yet another church within the next 2 years. Right now we are trying to disciple a handful of young men who will be future of this work.”
As you can see, a dependable vehicle is critical to the future of this work. Please see the pictures of the Volkswagen diesel van that Dennis can purchase for $26,000.00 American. His trade in will offset the Euro/Dollar exchange difference and taxes.

This is a wonderful opportunity for churches that support Dennis to partner with this missionary that will have long term significance in this city in Belgium.

Thanks to Bro. Rob Seale for helping with this opportunity.

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Thank you,
Bob Hines

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