George Dimakos

Athens, Greece

George & Luisa Dimakos

Missionaries to Athens, Greece

Need: $85,000

As you have seen, the refugee situation in Europe is of growing concern worldwide. George and Luisa Dimakos are independent missionaries that have seen the opportunity for reaching these refugees by helping to provide some of their needs, and using this opportunity to share Christ. Literally hundreds of men and women have come to know Christ, and are carrying the gospel message throughout Europe as they leave Greece.

George and Luisa have also been effective in reaching Greek nationals and building a Greek church in Athens. The pictures listed are of their current facility which is perfect for meeting their needs. However, the city is requiring that they have a rear exit to issue their occupancy permit, and the building they have does not allow for that to happen. They are currently meeting in this building, but this is a problem!! However, the building next door, that does have a rear exit, has come available for 79,000 Euro, which is roughly $85,000.00.

Because they have outgrown their facilities and want to continue to grow in their ability to preach the gospel to these people, the building will help meet this need. It is located just 2 miles from Mars Hill where Paul preached to the people of Athens.

iMap has worked with this ministry extensively in the past and will help to raise the money that is needed. This is an excellent opportunity for churches, and individuals, to have a part in a ministry that is impacting all of Europe by preaching the gospel to those people that God is having pass through their ministry.

If you would like to have a part in this project, click the contact button below.

Thank you,
Bob Hines

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