Nelson Dorr


Nelson Dorr Family

Missionaries to Mexico

Need: $34,600

The Nelson Dorr family are veteran missionaries to Mexico, having served there 25 years. They are sent by Sun and Shield Baptist Church in Tucson, AZ. Nelson is a graduate of Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College.

Bro. Dorr’s vision and ministry are geared around reaching and training the Nationals to do the work of reaching their own people. Their concentration is on the youth of the area, with a goal of impacting a region of Mexico for the future. Here is Nelson’s vision in his own words:

“It has been our burden for more than a year to establish a home for children that need refuge and care here in Mexico. We are observing the rapid increase in the breakdown of families in Mexico. Traditionally the Mexican mother has kept the family together. We are now seeing mothers entering into alcoholism and drug addiction, something that had been unheard of in the past. Also, we are seeing a great rise in prostitution and consequently a great rise in the AIDS epidemic. There is a growing need and demand in Mexico for a place that neglected and homeless children can go to. Our desire is to establish Providence Baptist Homes under the leadership of Markie and Christy Bullock and help create an environment to love and train these children from a young age, then send those who feel called through our existing Bible Institute that God might use many of them to salvage other lives for eternity.” – Nelson Dorr

They have a varied ministry in Mexico including:

  • A total of 5 churches ranging from 20 to 300 in attendance.
  • A Bible Institute with 21 full time students – 12 men and 8 women, and 18 part-time students.
  • Ownership of 17 Acres of Level Land by the city of Navajoa, just off the North-South Interstate.
  • Power to and on the property. Water in abundance via potable wells on the property.
  • Land Development:
    Housing for Men and Women as well as Institute Classrooms is available now.
  • Orphanage with 25 children.
  • K – 12 Christian School with 39 students.

The Dorr’s have a vision to further their ministry, but they need your help!

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