Gary Tomberlin


Gary Tomberlin

Missionary to Sao Paulo, Brazil

Need: $29,000

Most of us are looking for that investment opportunity that will give us the greatest return. This is not only true in the financial world, but is also true for church planting in the U.S. and abroad. When we find such an opportunity, we need to take advantage of it quickly because these opportunities don’t usually last long.

This is the opportunity we have with the Bible Baptist Church of Miriam Garden located in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, a city of 16.8 million people. The church has had a great history and is doing a great job of reaching people and training leaders. An opportunity has arisen that will give them the ability to expand their church property and allow the church to continue to grow.

As you read the following information and review the pictures, please consider if God would have your church to be a partner with this Missionary, Gary Tomberlin, and Pastor Joao Amador.

$24,000.00 ASAP to buy the lot adjacent to the church which came up for sale two weeks ago.

Short history of church:
Church is 35 years old.
Pr João Amador has been the pastor for 15 years
Now averages 450 to 500 in attendance
Four workers out of this church are now leading four congregations (as yet not organized into full fledged churches)

Their need:
Size of church auditorium is 33′ x 66′ plus balcony. They can only seat 300 people (including balcony and choir) so many people stand inside and outside of auditorium for every service.
pastor estimates that they lose one or two families each month because of lack of seating
Three weeks ago a visitor, invited by the pastor, came with his family, saw all the people standing outside, couldn’t find a parking spot within several blocks of the church, and so returned home.

Their plans:
Continue meeting in their present auditorium while they put an extension on the 1st lot beside the church and remove the dividing wall when the extension is ready.
Build a two story building on Lots #2 and #3 for S.S. classes and a Christian grade school

Their assets:
They already own one adjacent lot.
The owner of a lot has talked of donating his land to the church since they will be using it for a school. If he does not donate it, he will sell it for $5,000.00.
They have already saved $5,000 toward this project since they were praying that Lot #1 would be put up for sale for $29,000.

If the church does not buy it, he will sell to someone else. This is a rare window of opportunity.

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Thank you,
Bob Hines

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