South America

Current & Completed Projects

Henry Mantonya, Missionary to Brazil

"Henry and Nancy Mantonya have been missionaries in Brazil since 1971. God has blessed their ministry with multiple churches , Bible College, and other ministries in the villages..."

Steve Johnson, Missionary to Bolivia

"Every Missionary will tell you of the importance of having good, reliable transportation on the field..."

Gary Tomberlin, Missionary to Sao Paulo, Brazil

"Most of us are looking for that investment opportunity that will give us the greatest return. This is not only true in the financial world, but is..."

Rudy Johnson, Missionary to Cusco, Peru

"From time to time an opportunity comes along for churches and missionaries to partner together to see an entire region be evangelized. This is always exciting, and is even more important when an emphasis on those being evangelized are the youth of that region..."