Baraka Project

Kenya, Africa

Jerry Daniels

Missionaries to Kenya, Africa

Facility lease & ministry expense $62,500.00 annually
Purchase price $550,000.00

In Kiswahili Baraka means Blessing, and that is exactly what iMap sees as the potential for the Baraka sight to be to the people of the Naibor region in Kenya, Africa. It has long been the vision of Missionary Jerry Daniels to see a sight developed that could minister to the entire region of Naibor.

Jerry has been successful in planting churches in the area, but has seen the need to develop a location that could minister to the needs of the entire region and create an environment that would be favorable to planting many churches in the northern area.

The Baraka sight is a school facility that was built by the city of Baltimore for an experimental educational project. It has now closed down, and the facility is available. It has 60 fenced acres with 23 buildings. The buildings include dorms, kitchen, housing for staff, a garage, two generators, access to water, a Directors house, a room for a clinc, classrooms, and a library.

iMap and Jerry Daniels envision the sight being used to house and orphanage, a clinic, and school that can all be used to minister Christ to the entire region. This can be a springboard to start many churches in the this area and a springboard to plant churches in the Northern region of Kenya that has a high concentration of Muslims.

The Orphanage Dorm Facility

The School

Guest House

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