Russ Daniels

Uganda, Africa

Russ and Sylvia Daniels

Missionaries to Uganda, Africa

Need: $105,000

Because of the continuing increase in costs for land and building on the field, it is imperative that we get the most value for every dollar we spend. One of the most expensive areas that a missionary faces is the cost of housing. This is especially true in Kampala, Uganda. Housing prices and rent are increasing exponentially in this part of the world. For this reason, missionaries Russ and Sylvia Daniels are wanting to expand their ministry in Uganda by building a house and missions complex in Kampala.

Russ and Sylvia have already had a fruitful ministry in Mbara, Uganda, and are now moving to Kampala, the capital city. Russ has been successful in winning and training Ugandan’s to build national works, and is looking to expand that ministry in Kampala by planting churches and a establishing a Bible College.

To make this move they will need adequate housing for their family, for missionaries that come to teach in the school, and for housing visiting church teams for short term missions work. Russ has found an excellent piece of land that has been purchased that will give them adequate room to complete his vision for this work. As you can see from the plot plan this piece will work very well for what they have planned.

Because of the rising cost of land and housing in the Kampala area, this is an excellent use of missions dollars. We will never be able to build as inexpensively as we can now, and having this facility will is a major part of Russ and Sylvia’s plan for the future of Ugandan missions.

Their primary need for phase one of the construction is the funding for construction of the house. It will cost $105,000.00 for building at $30.00 per sq. foot. This is very reasonable cost and will provide adequate housing for the present and future growth of this ministry. This price includes water and waste water construction as well.

How can you be a part of completing this project?

  • Pray for the Daniels, their ministry, and this project
  • Send a special offering for the project
  • Take a special offering. This would be a great project for a Christmas missions offering
  • Designate part or all of your May Missions offering to the Russ Daniels home project.

If you would like to have a part in this project, click the contact button below.

Thank you,
Bob Hines

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