Marjan Angelovski


Marjan Angelovski

Missionary to Macedonia

Need: $2,000

Church Planting can be a difficult work at best.  It takes a major sacrifice of the church planter and his family to get a church started.  This is the case in Macedonia, of Marjan Angelovski and his family. 


Marjan was the head of a ministry named “The Balkan States Ministry” where there were many churches planted in the field of Macedonia.  There were eleven Baptist churches involved that were in the states, a field representative named Lou Hill, and Marjan, a church planter in Macedonia.  This ministry was very successful in planning many churches in Macedonia but because of the refugee situation, and the aging process , the death of Lou Hill, the  Balkan States Ministry folded and is no longer in place.  The church buildings and many of the families are still there and are waiting for the ministry to be rebuilt.


 iMap had the privilege of partnering with Marjan, some of the former churches and individuals of the former Balkan States Ministry, and the family of Lou Hill, and translated the Basic Baptist Belief’s book into Macedonian.  The founder of iMap, Bob Hines, went to Macedonia to help distribute the book and became acquainted with this ripe field.  Marjan is very personable man, has the backing of his family, and is an excellent church planter.  He has the vision of planting many churches in Macedonia and would like to begin in his home town of Kumanovo where he and his family live.  After distributing the book I went to Germany and while I was there I talked to missionary Keith Gandy, missionary to Germany and pastor of the Bible Baptist Church in Aschaffenburg, Germany,  about the ministry in Macedonia.   Keith went to visit Marjan and see the opportunity first hand.   While in Kumanovo he agreed to pay the rent on a building where Marjan wanted to start a new church and negotiated the lease for two years. 


iMap would like to raise the two thousand dollars to needed for chairs, song books, etc. to help this church get started.  Your church or ministry can help start this church for $2,000.00.  This is just the beginning of this good ministry and my prayer is that many churches can be started by this Marjan and that he will get the backing that he needs from the states.  Can you help?

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