Rudy Johnson

Cusco, Peru

Rudy Johnson

Missionary to Cusco, Peru

Need: Build a Bible College

From time to time an opportunity comes along for churches and missionaries to partner together to see an entire region be evangelized. This is always exciting, and is even more important when an emphasis on those being evangelized are the youth of that region. We all know that the future of any ministry is in its youth outreach. We have a wonderful opportunity to reach and teach the entire region of Cuzco, Peru, through the vision and ministry of missionaries Rudy and Lorraine Johnson.

Rudy and Lorraine are 40 year veteran missionaries to Peru, having started 90 churches and 120 mission stations. God has given them a passion for the people and communities of Cuzco and the surrounding area. There are over 1 million people in this area, with a large percentage of them being youth under 20 years of age. On Saturday night in the center of Cuzco you will find hundreds of youth that come to the Plaza de Armas to “hang” together and try to find something to do. I have seen this in person and it is and incredible sight.

Rudy has a vision and a plan to reach and train these youth to be the future pastors and leaders of Peru. He has been able to purchase 4.5 acres of land just 45 minutes from Cuzco in a beautiful town called Pizac. He has made contact with a man named Abraham Siens that was a convert in the third Church that Rudy started. Abraham has started 45 churches in the mountains around Lake Titicaca and has a group of young preachers that need Bible training. He has agreed to use some of his men to help build the buildings for the camp in exchange for Rudy teaching them the Bible and Pastoral training. This means that we can build this camp and bible college for a fraction of the cost of conventional construction.

This is an opportunity in which you and your church can invest that will return dividends of souls, national pastors, and new churches for years to come. When you combine our resources with the stability of a seasoned missionary and church planter, the vision and energy of a dynamic young national pastor, Juan Carlos, and a growing church, you have the opportunity of impacting an entire region.


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