Current & Completed Projects

Marjan Angelovski, Macedonia

"Marjan is very personable man, has the backing of his family, and is an excellent church planter.  He has the vision of planting many churches in Macedonia and would like to begin...."

Keith Gandy Project near Lahore, Pakistan

"On Friday afternoon (local time in Germany), I was invited to preach live via Skype in Pakistan. I preached from Philippians 2:1-8 to a crowd of between 120-130..."

George and Luisa Dimakos, Athens Greece

"George and Luisa Dimakos are independent missionaries that have seen the opportunity for reaching these refugees by helping to provide some of their needs..."

Contreras Family - Missionaries in Spain

"We are currently in the initial steps of planting an independent Baptist church in Gijón, Spain (appr. 280,000 souls). Half of the city has been covered with tracts..."

Dennis Leavell, Missionary to Belgium

"Winning people and building churches has a different approach in every part of the world. In Europe, for example, many of our missionaries depend upon their..."

Larry Taylor, Missionary to Belgium

"I saw the need for Larry to have a new car, but he would had to have used his entire furlough to raise the money, so I volunteered iMap to raise the money for him..."